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Genedu, a premier extra-curriculum education provider is about to equip you with an innovative and updated skillset that will widely expand your professional horizon and dramatically improve your promotion potential.

Why should you consider a career in Biotech?

Fast Growing Industry

Projected unparalleled growth in the next decades

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On-going research and innovation capacity

Record-breaking contributions to ending COVID pandemic through vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics

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Fastest growing Biotech careers

Promising occupational outlook with wages above national average

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Post Pandemic recovery potential

Generating high-quality jobs that can contribute to post-pandemic recovery

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Online, live-only video courses

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Our Courses

Biotechnology Career Development Training for Professionals

An intense and interactive career development training that uses a proprietary curriculum that integrates three critical success components:

  • Subject Matter Content

  • Instructional and Emotional Support

  • HR Coaching for Employability Skill Development

Biotechnology Professional Development for Educators

This interactive course is for pre-service and in-service Biology High School Teachers and College Educators seeking to integrate a biotechnology education initiative that includes career awareness and exploration.

Learn from the right professor

Shahira Badran founded Genedu after 25 years of teaching as an academic professor, elevating the quality of biology and biotechnology education programs, and preparing adult learners for biotech careers.

What students say about Shahira:

Keirnath Sparks-Jacques

I was a student of Shahira Badran at Biotech Bridge Training Academy at LAVC during Winter/Spring 2021. I had recently graduated from CSULB with a B.S. in...

Emilio Zamarripa

I was part of a virtual training program at the Biotech Bridge Training Academy, and Shahira Badran´s sessions were my favorite. Teaching is not easy, especiall

Alex Lizarraga

Professor Shahira Badran, is well versed and excellent in her instructional capabilities. I was a student at the Biotech Bridge training academy in Winter 2021,

Sukanya Yoganathan

I was a student of Professor Shahira Badran at LAVC Biotech Bridge training Academy 2021.I have a Bachelor's in Science,Biotechnology. I was trying to refresh m

Trevon Sistrunk

As a student of professor Badran's, via the Biotech Academy offered by LAVC, I was offered an insightful and delighting experience. Prior to joining the program

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