November 30, 2021
Biotech Career Resources

Shahira Badran

Genedu Founder, Principal Instructor and Content Expert



• Biotechnology Degrees, Certificates & Careers:

- List of nationwide institutions offering Certificates, AS degree (including transfer & applied degrees), BS degrees, Masters degrees, post baccalaureate certificates.

• Biotech Careers in depth database:

- Careers

- Job Areas

- Internships

- Stories and Blogs

- Work Experiences

- Biotech Companies

- Biotech Job Board

• Search for jobs by keywords, job title and location:

• Search for jobs by company and geographic location (US state or any country):

• Search for jobs by US state (or country) and business area of your choice:

• Search for jobs using Employer Career Pages:

• Search for internships using Employer Internship Pages:

• Search a list of the fastest growing biotech careers:

• Explore fast-growing biotechnology careers in the Occupational Outlook Handbook:

- includes job-description, median pay, entry level education, work experience in related occupations, number of jobs and outlook, employment change in the last decade, work environment and education pathways.

• Biotech Apprenticeship Program:

• Career platform resources:

• Small biotech startup companies:

• BioSpace: Home of Life Science Industry:

- featuringJobs & alerts, career resources, events, company profiles

• CA Biotech companies & employers; search by business area (table & map view):

Cedar Sinai Bio-manufacturing Center:

- Careers:

• City of Hope:

- Careers:

• Virtual Tours of Biotech companies:

- Detailed 3-D Amgen facility tour featuring upstream & downstream processing including interviews with employers:

- Sartorius Lab Tour (short video):

• Biotechnology Institute: national, non-profit biotech education foundation:

• CaliforniaBiotech, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Companies:

• Biotech Companies in the Bay Area & Northern California:

• San Diego & Southern California Biotech Companies:

• 744 Medical DeviceCompanies – Worldwide:

Design + Development: