Biotechnology Career Development Training for Professionals

This intense and interactive career development training uses a proprietary curriculum that integrates 3 critical success components:

Brings a fresh new approach to an impactful interactive educational experience:

A set of well-defined gradual milestones
State-of the-art multimedia audiovisuals that bring theories and concepts to life
Interactive tutorials and gamified lab simulations to engage in Biotech’s investigative nature
Interactive personal evaluation scales
Flash Coaching through access to an app-based personal instructional support
GROUP STUDY Approach through learning communities that promote collaborative learning, collegiality, peer mentoring, and confidence.
Clear culture codes that include a shared vision of professional values, mutual respect, and team collaboration
Constantly updated and adjusted competency-based curriculum
Intensively engaged and updated Alumni Program with a Job Search platform

Builds a solid foundation for understanding biotech concepts, their multidisciplinary real-world applications and career options:

Deep understanding of the biotech industry-specific principals of molecular cell biology, genetics, immunology, and microbiology.
Mastery of genetic engineering concepts underlying vast applications: gene-and cell-based therapies, STEM cells, CAR-T cells, CRISPR genome-editing, RNA and antibody-based therapies and vaccines.
Insight into the bio-manufacturing and drug development process, and FDA regulations.
Analysis and evaluation of on-going bioethical implications of fast-evolving technologies.
Insight and technological understanding for exploring multidisciplinary career options and identifying personal career goals.
Understanding biopharma’s current contributions to ending the COVID pandemic and its potential in solving real-world problems and contributing to post-pandemic recovery.
In-depth concept exploration through Virtual labs: gamified lab simulations to manipulate lab materials and equipment, visualize cellular/molecular processes, and prepare for “wet labs” in industry settings.
Ongoing assessment of learning outcomes through concept review activities, lab quizzes, individual and group projects and presentations, and a personal “biotech” portfolio.
Develop and refine your employability skills to increase your market worth and biotech employability potential.
Expand your "soft skills" that are critical for selecting your career goal and leveraging social media for networking.
Learn how to develop and improve your resume and cover letter, and prepare for interviews.
Learn how to assess and request job references.
Increase your employability and improve your accessibility to job opportunities through unique training techniques.
Learn how to illustrate your core qualities and transferrable skills to biotech hiring managers.
Receive coaching and handouts with helpful tips, pointers, and examples to help you prepare for the job market.

Who Should Attend?

Minimum requirement: College Degree or Certificate  


Week 1:

Basic Principles of Molecular Cell Biology

  • Orientation: Introductions, business culture codes and vision

  • Structure and function of cells, organelles, and molecules of life

  • Understanding protein structure/function relationships

Week 2:

Principles of Gene Expression

  • Flow of genetic information from genes to proteins

  • Gene expression control mechanisms and DNA mutations

Week 3:

Cell Signaling, Cell Division, Cancer

  • Mechanisms of action of signal transduction pathways, cell cycle and division

  • Genetic basis of cancer and other diseases

Week 4:

Real-World Applications of Genetic Engineering

  • Genetic engineering tools, techniques, and biotech products

  • Molecular mechanisms of action of small molecule drugs and biologics

Week 5:

Bio-manufacturing; DNA Fingerprinting

HR Coaching

  • Overview of Bio-manufacturing: upstream and downstream processing

  • DNA Fingerprinting tools, techniques, and real-world applications

Week 6:

Drug Discovery & Development; Personalized Medicine

Soft Skills

  • Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development, clinical trials, and FDA regulations

  • Role of Personalized/Precision medicine in mitigating diseases

  • Overview of the human immune system and defense mechanisms

Week 7:

Targeted Therapies & Genome Editing

Resume & Cover Letter

  • Vast applications of targeted therapies: Gene-and cell-based therapies, STEM cells, CAR-T cells, and antibody therapies

  • CRISPR- genome-editing and RNA-based therapies

Week 8:

Agricultural Biotechnology; Biotech Career Exploration

Social Media, Networking, Creating Visibility

  • Overview of genetically modified plants and animals and their role in optimizing agriculture

  • Exploring the multidisciplinary biotech industry landscape to unlock biotech career opportunities and identify career goals

Week 9:

Biotech Contributions to COVID-19 Pandemic

Interview Preparation

  • Overview of SARS-CoV2 Biology, Immunity and challenging aspects

  • Exploring the record-breaking COVID contributions of biopharma: therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostic tests

Week 10:

Bioethics of Genetic Research

Mock Interviews, Follow Up , Job References

  • Understanding the Bioethics of Genetic Research to evaluate its social, ethical, and political implications

  • Project presentations, Genedu's Alumni Program and graduation preparation


Complete this biotech career development training to earn a certificate that accurately documents how you have evolved academically and personally, which will be invaluable over the course of your career. To be issued with a certificate, you will need to meet the requirements outlined in the workbook, which will be made available to you as soon as you sign up and attend the 1st session.
Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and couriered to you upon successful completion of the training. You will also be invited to a virtual graduation ceremony.

Takeaways that will set you apart:

Biotech Concept Understanding

Fundamental principles, genetic technologies, targeted therapies, multidisciplinary applications

Biotech “Empowerment” toolbox

Verifiable workforce (HR) skills and competencies, soft skills, cognitive skills, self-evaluation and reflection tools

Biotech literacy

Informed decision-making, biotech industry and career insight, evaluating bioethical considerations

COVID Fluency

SARS-CoV2 biology, immunity, vaccine platforms, therapies and diagnostics

Biotech Community Leadership

Membership in a learning community and Alumni Program

Biotech Career Development Training

Sepetmber 27, 2022

$ 2400
Meeting Times
(PST Time Zone)
10 weeks
Live Online Zoom
Tues. and Thurs. 3 PM – 7 PM


How can I make a payment?

Course I Payment Options

2 payments of
Pay 50% ($1,200) to sign up and remaining 50% ($1,200) after the first month
Enroll Now
1 Payment of
Pay up front and save 15% ($- 360).
Enroll Now
Payments can be made with major credit cards and are NOT refundable.
What do I receive when I pay?

Once you complete registration and make a payment, you will receive:

  • A receipt

  • A downloadable workbook with detailed information, training materials and resources

  • Zoom credentials and instructions to access the online interactive sessions

  • Credentials and access code for Labster (Virtual labs) for course I only

  • A legal agreement to review and sign at registration

Can I get a refund?

We cannot offer refunds for non-participation. However, if you need to withdraw from the training before you complete it, we can defer you to a future session at no cost.

How long will this course last for?
  • Course I is a ten-week training (80 hours total). Sessions meet twice per week; each session is four hours long.

  • Course II is a four-week training (12 hours total). Sessions meet twice per month; each session is three hours long.

Who should attend Genedu’s course I?
  • Adult learners with scientific and non-scientific background seeking to start a biotech career or education pathway

  • Professionals with transferrable skills seeking career transition or continued education

  • Biotech employees with non-scientific backgrounds seeking professional development to increase performance capabilities and promotion potential (ex. product development, legal, sales, HR, marketing, manufacturing)

  • Veterans seeking a high-tech career

Who should attend Genedu’s course II?

Pre-service and in-service Biology high school teachers and college educators seeking to integrate evidence-based teaching practices that are focused on biotechnology education and career exploration.

Do I have to attend all sessions?

Yes. However, we understand that life can get in the way of “perfect” attendance and have established a back-up system to help you catch up and make up for a missed session (refer to next question).

What should I do if I miss a session in case of emergency?

Please contact Shahira personally in case of any emergency that could affect your attendance and/or performance. We can schedule a time to answer your questions through Flash Coaching or Zoom meeting. You can also refer to your study group and teammates for further assistance.

How will the training content be delivered?

Genedu’s training content will be delivered in English through LIVE, interactive sessions on Zoom.

What do I get when I complete this training?
  • Course I: You will receive a certificate of completion at a virtual graduation ceremony. Your family, friends, and Genedu supporters, partners and alumni will be invited to attend this graduation ceremony.

  • Course II: You will receive a certificate of attendance.

How do I access online resources and virtual labs?
  • Course I: you will receive a downloadable training workbook with the required links and an access code for zoom meetings and Labster’s Virtual labs when you sign up. Your personal Labster access code will cover the 10-week training period, the week prior to the training start date and up to two weeks past the training end date. This extended access will allow you to catch up and revisit labs and quizzes at your own pace.

  • Course II: you will receive a downloadable training workbook with the required links and an access code for zoom meetings.

As educator, can I get graduate level extension credit for completing course II?
  • No. Genedu does not provide graduate level extension credit or CEU for salary advancement.

Will I take exams and receive grades?

No. Genedu does not use exams and grades. Instead, we use interactive personal evaluation scales and a set of verifiable competencies in place of the conventional grading system to measure learning outcomes and skill gain.

Is this biotech career /professional development training part of an accredited on-line course?

No. Genedu is an extra curriculum education provider, not an academic program.

Can I get financial support from my organization (for employees only)?

We recommend that you ask your employer if you can receive help to fund your biotech career/professional development training. You may need to justify why this career development training is the best choice for improving your capabilities and output in your current role while helping you contribute to the success and growth of your industry/school and colleagues/students. Check out this guide on how to request financial assistance for career/professional development from your employer.

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