Sukanya Yoganathan

I was a student of Professor Shahira Badran at LAVC Biotech Bridge training Academy 2021.I have a Bachelor's in Science,Biotechnology. I was trying to refresh my skills. Glad I found Professor Badran.She is such a knowledgeable person, who taught me the most from evolution to current trends in biotechnology. Her suggestions on using flash cards and flow charts to keep track of the concepts helped me a lot. Moreover the simulations and videos she shared with us to explain the concepts are my favorites. They are short, crisp and to the point. They are visual treats and will definitely stay in my mind forever. The concept check reviews and breakout room discussions we had helped us understand the application of the concepts in real life. She didn't stop at just teaching; she made us explore the career opportunities in depth to select the best fit biotech career for ourself. Apart from teaching, Professor Badran is a committed, dedicated and lovable person. Never once was she late for class, which showed us the importance of being early through her actions. I used to admire her for teaching more than 6 hours continuously, sometimes skipping her breaks to prepare for the next session. I am really blessed to have a teacher like her in my life. I would recommend her to students who are seeking a change in life.