Alex Lizarraga

Professor Shahira Badran is well versed and excellent in her instructional capabilities. I was a student at the Biotech Bridge training academy in Winter 2021, where Professor Badran demonstrated a strong knowledge of Chemistry and Biology. She took the time to explain and even accommodate students to help in the understanding of complex materials. Myself, with a high school diploma, found her lessons to be understandable due to her explanations of the material. Not only was she well versed in the sciences but she taught us how to apply the knowledge we are learning and how it can be used in the Biotech industry. She has been very encouraging in my journey in the biotech field taking the time to check in on my interviews. The information she gave about the industry has proved to be invaluable in my interviews and has elevated my understanding of the biotech industry. Microbiology Technician at Abbot.