Emilio Zamarripa

I was part of a virtual training program at the Biotech Bridge Training Academy, and Shahira Badran´s sessions were my favorite. Teaching is not easy, especially if some of the students have little or no knowledge at all about molecular cell biology, microbiology and biotechnology, and even more if it´s a virtual class, where you can´t really have a direct student/teacher interaction, but Professor Badran managed to do that just perfectly: she provided a lot of useful resources and visual aids that really helped with the learning process, she tried to involve the students as much as possible during the lectures and always provided clear examples and answers to the questions we had. You can tell that she really cares about her students, and that makes her an even better instructor! That´s why I would highly recommend her as an instructor, facilitator, or for any other Biology/Biotechnology project. Biotech Engineer. Senior Operator at Thermo Fisher.